Dates To Be Announced
Indianapolis, Indiana
Sponsored by Bushman Ukuleles of Indianapolis, Indiana 317-250-8156

This site offers a collection of videos submitted over the years to our Bushman World Ukulele Video Contest. There are also videos on here of our Bushman Ukuleles in action. And finally, there are videos that were shot at a small but legendary ukulele festival held at the end of May in 2008 - the Ukulele Luau! It was gathering of amazing ukulele players. The people who attended had a love for music, the ukulele, and each other. We are bringing back the Ukulele Luau but we haven't decided on the dates yet. It will now be held in Indianapolis, Indiana - all details to be announced soon - check back here. Until we put the fest information up here, this site is just a place to watch some entertaining ukulele videos! Enjoy!!!

Ukulele Luau * PO Box 17366 * Indianapolis, Indiana 46217 * 317-250-8156